Monday, 16 December 2013


In this present age when every Nigerian mainstream artiste dwell on creating that fly by night club hit, giving very little thought to churning out inspirational character building songs, a kindred of the Hip Hop genre delves into a soul stirring lyrical expose of the fighting spirit of humanity & the will to overcome trials prevalent in the world. Writing and producing a hip hop record drenched in soul, laced over laid back retro piano chords that makes one feel like one’s in a church service, but the street talk & occasional ‘french’ in the lyrics jar the senses back to the provocative message of the fickleness of modern society. The one with the message is none other than Yobemoh.
The song titled “Stand For Something” features Hulguz Cudler ace soul singer, belting out those sonorous hooks. 
Yobemoh: “I recorded this song (Stand for Something) in 2010, but never felt like putting it out then, ‘cause it didn’t quite feel like the moment & it sounded so retro. I poured out my heart on this record and was going through the motions with what was happening in the world as at the time. I wanted it to impact on people, to make ‘em reflect on life”.
“With the passing of Nelson Madiba Mandela, I found myself drifting into that ‘mind melding’ trance as I witnessed a man’s infinitesimal selfless struggle impacting on all, in admirable deserving global proportions, just because he stood for something he believed in and pursued it in an assertive but yet humane manner”.
“And it hit me; the death of a man brings to an end, an era that championed ‘purity in struggle’.  I felt compelled to impress on the moment, hence the release of this record in his (Mandela) honor and also as my little contribution to encourage anyone out there going through some serious challenges, to tell ‘em that they aren’t alone”.
So the big question Yobemoh lives you pondering on after listening to this record is, ‘What do you stand for?’ Bear in mind your answer will have a life changing effect on the world, positive or negative history will tell.

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