Friday, 6 June 2014


We receive tons of request for assistance from loads of talents from all over Nigeria and we know its not a scenario that's peculiar only to this parts. The world over 'true talents' are been passed over because they have not been able to get the appropriate connections or platforms to help at nurturing or investing in their creative aspirations to a stage we term the 'creative bloom'. To this end, we at Illific Solutions Limited, a full fledged brand marketing & talent management agency have devised a new medium to address this unequivocal impediment of individual aspirations and self realizations of all creatives, as we present an 'interest securing' service to cater to such needs, we bring to you the “SUPERSTAR EFX” series.
The Superstar EFX Series is a networking event & service platform, that creates opportunities for exploitation of intellectual properties by individuals or organizations, serving as the arbiter on behalf of the creators of such contents and those desirous to employ its use. It connects the artistes or record labels to both 2nd/3rd party buy-in platforms e.g. Top Level Brand Managers, Event Agencies, Promoters, Advert Agencies (Media Buyers), Digital Content Providers, Publishers, Marketers etc. The networking event aspect of the SUPERSTAR EFX initiative is plotted to hold once every quarter at designated venues in Lagos, Nigeria for now.

Artistes and record labels desirous of increasing their 'appeal factor' at attracting patronage and  retaining attention can't afford to pass this opportunity. To borrow the phrase of Common "The revolution will not be televised...the revolution is here".

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