Thursday, 3 January 2013

YOBEMOH - HIP-HOP COMES HOME TO ROOST written by FELIX ABATTAN (renowned entertainment writer)

Like a drunk, his very breath stank hip-hop! An embodiment of the art in all its essence. A true-blue custodian of the culture and an ardent disciple of the movement. Sometimes it may be wise and expedient to exercise restraint when dealing with certain subjects in order to capture them in just the right and appropriate colours and hues. No matter how hard it is sometimes to find the right words, this here is a story that must be told. The story of Yobemoh, When Hip-hop Comes Home to Roost!
Back in ’87 when most youngsters his age are still struggling with their letters, young Yobemoh was messing with hip-hop, soaking up a halluva pile of information that ordinarily would have been a little sublime for the average mind, but then hip-hop has never been a pastime for the weak minded or unintelligent. He found himself imbibing much of the early hip-hop materials, songs of protest steep in the chronicles of the challenges of African- Ameriacan inner-city youths in America. He collected and listened to materials from early hip-hop groups and acts like De La Soul, The Roots, NWA, Grandmaster Caz, Furious Five and Ice T among others.
In time, he encountered literatures and also read auto-bios of great African- American human rights figures like Malcom X, Martin Luther King Jnr., Louis Frrakhan, Mohammed Alli and others. This brought a great insight to his young mind and a consciousness to his immediate environment, pitching him  among hip-hop heads like Solo Dee, Efe ‘’Freak’’ Omorogbe, Black Masqueradaz, Ayo Animashaun, King (Dee Weez), Osha, Dj Jimmy Jatt, Da Slug as well as Mode9, Sixfootplus, Rule Clean etc.
Having a singer for a mother helped sharpen his musical savvy which properly came to the fore when rap music began to gain and enjoy mainstream acceptance. Yobemoh went around as a duo called ‘’Zulu Tribes’’ between ’89-91 recording materials that were hailed as underground jewels which won for them respect, which was every MCs major pre-occupation back in the day. And as the artform gained more and more popularity, there arose a need to create institutions to promote the bourgeoning art-form. He, alongside other hip-hop heads organized the first Hip-hop awards dubbed Afro Hip-hop Awards and African Hip-hop Summit, a workshop on Hip-hop Culture. He also created “Gully” a Hip-hop cultural exchange that attracted participants from Brooklyn hip-hop scene among others and also Lyricist Lounge, a hip-hop get together which afforded rappers and hip-hop heads the opportunity to hook up, have fun and generally live out the culture.
Before long, he was compelled to ditch his recording career or better still, put it on hold in pursuit of the bigger picture when he designed Illific Solutions, a Company that provided entertainment marketing solutions in a fast expanding industry. Illific solutions at various times guided the careers of a wide range of acts like Lord of Ajasa, Mi-Fliss, Bigiano, Blackface, Roof Top Mcs, Malam Spicy, Oso Sensci, Jonah D’ Monarch, K-Soul, Attitude just to  mention a few, As well as inspiring the media celebrated Plantashun Boiz re-union of 2007.
After spending the last 20years or more cross-crossing the broad spectrum of the entertainment industry and leaving his mark in basically every sector, from recording, packaging, promotion, marketing and distribution  to events, the artiste is ready to perch and eventually land. For a very long time, his artistic instinct which lay dormant while he worked and contributed his bit to the vibrancy the industry presently enjoys, now the artiste is ready to resume and take his place as a recording artiste. To this end, the artiste has commenced a recording onslaught with the release of his self titled EP “Yobemoh”. Sometime in March 2012, he released his very first official single. “Original Fine People” which has been winning rave reviews and garnering airplay on both TV and Radio. He followed up with “Wait There” featuring Afro-pop sensation. Isolate as well as collaborate on hot materials with acts like Lord of Ajasa, Mallam Spicy, Mimmy Tea among others.

 There is a palpable excitement in the hip-hop community as heads wait with bated breath for about the most anticipated album thus far. As a talent manager, he has quided some of the brightest talents to stardom, as an enterpreneur, he has provided some of the most brilliant marketing solution and largescale music merchandizing the industry has seen and as a showbiz impressario, he has singlehandedly or with his friends put together some of the memerable and key events that has shaped the music industry with particular bias for hip-hop.
Fighting to position the industry has been a worthwhile venture, now is the time to reap the fruit of his labour as he prepares to put out his very first and official body of work, perhaps to assuage the yearning of his legion of fans who have patiently waited a lifetime to see their favourite MC on vinyl. And as we brace up to receive him as he takes his place in the exaulted hip-hop firmament, we can’t help but imagine what it would feel like to have Yobemoh, one of hip-hop finest, come home to roost!
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