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Illific Solutions limited is a media content development, brand marketing, promotions, events and talent management company. Headed by Paul Akhimie, a staunch marketing & promotions expert, with vast experience in talent, events, visual & audio project management.

• Consulting
• Brand Marketing.
• Music & Personal Appearance
• Video/Audio Production
• Events
• PA Systems

We have a team of young, experienced professionals with a pool of industry experience spanning over 15 years in the Recording/Media/Events/Artist management field at your beckon, to provide tactical and analytical solutions, sensitive to the client’s need.

Brand Marketing Creating tactical out-the-box marketing concepts to drive a brand’s equity up, instilling a tangible value and reality for the brand in the market place. We have been involved in many projects ever since as brand management consultants, talent management (performing artiste), media/creative content developers and marketing communications campaign coordinators for leading brands in different capacities.

Music & Personal Appearance 
Illific Solutions Ltd Entertainment & Personal Appearance Department represents clients across a variety of musical genres. Tapping into its International Network of Affiliate Talent Agencies we provide unlimited access to top A-list artistes of global repute and presence, performing in key venues throughout the world.

Video & Audio Credits
Blackface, Ever Green (2006)
Plantashun Boiz, Plan B (2007)
Lord Of Ajasa, Second Turning by The Right (2008)
Bigiano, Shayo Master (2009)
DJ Charlie Shee, host Club Finest MixTape Volume 1. (2010)
Maye Hunta, Mayefestation (2010)

Events/Projects Lyricist Lounge
in Partnership with Spirit rose Inc, franchise coordinators Lyricist Lounge (Africa). (11.45 ikoyi,) Dec 2004 African Hip Hop Summit partners: with Brilla fm, Pre-Awareness Concert/Lyricist Lounge featured Intl Star Stevano UGO from US, and a host of other reputable Nigerian Hip Hop/Rnb Acts: Asa, Rugged Man, Mode 9, Roof top Mcs and Nuff Noyz. Fantasy Land ikoyi January 28th 2005

Gully Hip Hop Exchange
program featuring Franchize New York, USA Hip Hop Artists And a host of top Nigerian Hip Hop Acts. Partners: Scamway Entertainment USA, Rhythm 93.7 fm, Silverbird Entertainment News Crew, Phat Entertainment Magazine White House club April 9th 2005.

Club Finest Mixtape Party,
the official Clubfinest Mixtape series party, featuring DJ Charlie Shee (Host), Ill Bliss, Mode 9, Maye Hunta, Mi-Fliss, Mimmy Tea, El Emcee, Teran G *G Flow Baba (UK), Hard X. Media Partner: Monster Music, Excite TV, Hip On TV. @ Nu Grotto, VI,Lagos NG 10th April 2010

List of Acts: Management/Representation/PR
UK Teran G (G Flow Baba) Dolly P USA Stevano UGO Franchize
Nigeria Plantashun Boiz Lord of Ajasa Black Face Bigiano 9ice (Mandela 46669 Concert UK, event ft. proposal) Soul E Prince Wadada Mallam Spicey Maye Hunta Mi-Fliss Nuff Noyz BNG Omo Oshin Shadrach Hard X DJ Charlie Shee Elemcee Attitude Leon K Soul
Consulting (clientele) LG Mobile Tjoe Records NG, Scamway Entertainment USA, Phat Entertainment Magazine NG, Emmense Music NG, Smashers Record NG, Ink Red Records NG,
Partners/Affiliates Lyricist Lounge /, Scamway Entertainment USA /, Uben Media (Visual Production), Zane Pro (Audio/Visual Prod.)

Illific. Connects you with the industry's biggest names and hottest performers.

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